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Calvin College Flash Mob

Here is a little flash mob fun that happened in Knollcrest Dinning Hall on campus.  Random happenings are one of the joys of on-campus living.

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Fostering Purpose

A recent Institute of College Student Values Conference  focused on how to encourage students to foster lives of benevolent purpose.  Good question, how does that happen?

The book Common Fire: Leading Lives of Commitment in a Complex World gives a few ideas; the authors  conducted interviews with over a hundred individuals who have sustained long-term commitments to work on behalf of the common good.

One of the questions they looked at was “How did they become that way?” Read More…

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Calvin News recently featured a nice writeup on Kill-a-Watt, a month long environmental competition to help students learn about sustainability.  Check out the article here and the more about Kill-a-Watt here and here.

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RA Club

Are you part of the RA Club?  January brings on the season to recruit Resident Assistants (RA) for next year.  The RA Club theme, inspired by the TV show Glee, is meant to highlight the many people who have served as RAs in the past and the rich role that being an RA played in preparing them for life.  Check out the RA club website for info and stories.

RAs both play a significant role in creating healthy communities for living and learning and gain a significant amount from the experience.   Feel free to comment below on how being an RA helped prepare you for life.

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From Big Picture to Little Details

Want to know everything about living in the Residence Halls or KE Apartments/Timmer/Alliance living?  The two booklets on the left and right are your place to start.  The booklets include all kinds of information from a broad overview of Residence Life philosophy down to suggestions for conserving water.  They are a great resource to learn more about housing and residential living at Calvin.

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1 Buck Fridays

Calvin students were greeted this fall with a series of Friday night events called “1 Buck Fridays“.  For $1 (you may have gotten that from the title) students could partake in a variety of events including a carnival, movie, roller skating, bowling, Art Prize scavenger hunt, and more.  The events were a hit with hundreds of students attending each week.

A spin off of 1 Buck Fridays called “Winterim” is happening in January. Check the website for more details.

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Hope in the Unseen Reviewed

Have you ever read the book A Hope in the Unseen?  If not it is a great read on the experience of one college student.  Tera Dent reviews it below.

In his book A Hope in the Unseen, Ron Suskind (1998) takes the reader through the life journey of Cedric Jennings, a young man who, against all odds, pursues his academic dream of studying at an Ivy League college. Growing up in the southeast side of Washington, D.C., his neighborhood was and continues to be plagued with drugs, gangs and violence. It is a dangerous place to live, and many men in this community serve time in prison for their participation in these illegal activities. Not surprisingly, youth growing up in this part of the city rarely make it to high school graduation, let alone college. The few students who do excel academically are often targeted, ridiculed, threatened and beaten up. Such was the case for Cedric Jennings who learned from his mother at an early age that education is to be valued and held on to this wisdom despite the social consequences.  Read More…

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Commitment on a Coffee Cup

Check out a new article titled “Commitment on a Coffee Cup” by Chris Klein, Living Learning Program Coordinator, in the electronic version in the journal Koninia. In a great article, Chris helps us reflect on the importance and complexity of making commitments.

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Remembering Our Students

They raised their hands.  All eight of them—bright, gifted, sophomore student leaders—and all eight of them raised their hands.  We were standing at the bus stop on the edge of campus, waiting for the 6, and we were talking Facebook.  Some chucked as they told tales of leaving a note on someone else’s Facebook or even chatting with a person through Facebook while that same person sat 7 feet from them, in the same room.  We were talking about the ways students use public spaces in the residence halls, and the sly smiles revealed that we all knew something peculiar was happening in those spaces when their primary function was as a space for students to manage their online social identities.  Granted way more goes on in those sacred spaces then Facebook, but Facebook happens there a lot.

So, why the hand raising as we stood in the sunshine on that cool, early September morning?  The question went something like this:  how many of you are afraid to be alone?  The hands went back up for: How many of you use Facebook to help you feel less alone?  And again for:  How many of you would rather have face-to-face, proximate relationships of substance.  A lot of hand-raising for a non-Pentecostal school.

Read More…

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On-Campus Living Video

Check out this new video posted about living on campus. It includes a photo montage of student life across Calvin.

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